Family Resource Centres in general

Ballymote Family Resource Centre has been in operation since 2001. We are one of 121 Family Resource Centres (FRCs) nation-wide delivering Ireland’s largest national community-based family support programme.

The primary purpose of the FRC programme is to combat disadvantage, and to strengthen and empower individuals, families, children and communities. A central feature of the FRC programme is the involvement of local people in identifying needs and addressing the issues they face. FRCs provide a range of universal and targeted services and development opportunities that address the needs of families and individuals.

Each FRC is led by a Voluntary Board of Directors which aims to identify and address the specific needs of their local community. The FRC programme is core-funded by Tusla – the Child and Family Agency.


To promote and operate a voluntary community development programme through a Family Resource Centre, which offers all residents of the community of Ballymote in County Sligo and surrounding areas, the support and opportunity that will enable them to realise their own potential by providing a service that aims to meet their cultural, emotional, training and educational needs.


We provide a wide range of supports, services and activities which support the individual, the family and the wider community in the Ballymote Catchment Area including:

  • Information, advice and referral.
  • Family access and child contact centre.
  • Support to parents through parenting programmes, 1 -1 family support, and support groups.
  • Meitheal – which brings together people and services who want to support a child or parent so that he or she can make the changes to their life that they want and need.
  • The provision of counselling, play therapy and support to individuals and groups.
  • Interagency networking on issues of addiction, domestic violence, social inclusion, community initiatives, parenting, and integration of minority groups.
  • Training and education programmes for targeted groups – individuals parenting alone, disability group, rural and isolated members of the community and the long-term unemployed.
  • The establishment and maintenance of new community groups to meet local needs and the delivery of services at local level.
  • Supporting personal and group development.
  • Providing rooms for hire.